About us

The Brazilian Association of Swine Genetic Companies (ABEGS) is the institutional representative of swine genetic improvement companies in Brazil. The organization’s mission is to advocate for the sector’s interests with public and private institutions, ensuring the health and high genetic quality of the Brazilian herd.

ABEGS fosters the technological development of genetic improvement companies in the country and enhances the sector’s representation and activities in the global market, especially in Brazil and South America, through various initiatives.

ABEGS also plays a role in making public policies and strategies to enhance the sector’s competitiveness. It represents genetic companies in national and international forums, actively participating and influencing decision-making, as well as normative and legislative processes that impact swine genetic improvement.

Our Mission

To advocate for the interests of Brazilian swine genetic companies, ensuring technological advancement, competitiveness, and profitability of the sector, as well as the health and genetic quality of the Brazilian herd.


Vision: Pioneering the expansive and comprehensive representation of Brazilian swine genetic companies, consistently exploring innovative solutions for the advancement of the sector.


Operating proactively, with actions and conduct based on ethical principles, aligned with values of respect and honesty.